***BOOK COURSE: 7-8th Sept 2019***

The London FRCR course is an intensive preparation course for the FRCR 2b exam. Widely known to be the toughest component of the radiology exam series and also considered to be one of the toughest exams in post-graduate medicine it is not uncommon to spend 3 – 4 months intensely preparing for the exam.

In addition to UK trainees we have helped many candidates to succeed from countries such as Ireland, Singapore, Hong Kong, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Germany, Egypt, South Africa, Iraq and UAE.

We believe the exam preparation should be like a marathon, developing your knowledge and technique slowly over time with regular assessments along the journey. As with all candidates undergoing the final exam, the raw knowledge requires moulding into a confident and effective Radiologist. Whilst many training schemes offer plenty of viva practice, we noticed there is a general lack of Rapid Reporting and Long Case practice and these are often the 2 components where good candidates often fail either through lack of confidence or preparation. We have designed the course to focus primarily on these 2 components with additional training on the Viva component as well.

From our own experience we noticed that whilst preparing for many months, candidates really only get feedback from dedicated courses very close to the exam. We found this created anxiety and stress and made it difficult to correct bad habits or fill gaps in knowledge in such a short time. This course is deliberately set 3-4 weeks prior to the exam and is intended to provide a platform for your revision and technique as you gear up for the final few weeks. We hope that this would provide adequate time to iron out any issues you may be facing.

The  course fee will be £495 and we have limited the course number to maximise the focussed attention we can give to delegates.

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